In the age of booming e-commerce, it is not uncommon for businesses to be without an actual brick and mortar location. Businesses such as insurance agencies often take place over the phone and on the Internet in regards to payments, claims, and inquires. Though being able to do business on a website has its perks, an actual storefront offers an extra level of service. When you are on the market for a new insurance company it can be better for customers to go with a business that offers a brick and mortar store for clientele. Here are four reasons to do business with an insurance company with a storefront shop in your city or state.

No payment fees

Some businesses charge money to accept payments depending on which way you elect to pay your monthly premium. Some insurance companies charge fees for paying online and others have fees for paying through check, including the cost of mailing the payment. If the insurance agency has an office, you will be able to pay in office without having to deal with a payment fee. This also ensures that you can pay on the payment deadline without any issues regarding payment acceptance and lapse in coverage. 

You get questions answered immediately

When calling insurance agents, you will need to make sure that you call during working hours for the company. Along with restricted contact hours, you need to keep a pen and a pad ready to take down any notes that they give you, plus the name of the agent that you spoke with. It is common to reach a different person each time you call a phone number to reach the insurance company so you must keep accurate records on your own for continuity. With a brick and mortar store, you can make an appointment to sit down and talk over any issues with the same, dedicated staff. 

Extra copies of paperwork is always available    

If you purchase insurance online, you will be expected to print out your own paperwork including your insurance card. There may be times where you need copies of your insurance documentation but you do not have immediate use of a printer. If you need copies, an insurance agency will be able to give you a copy if you just stop by the storefront. This can save you if you need to provide your insurance information to someone or if you lose your old copies and don't want to drive without your insurance card.

Assurance the insurance company is legitimate     

When you need to use your insurance is not the time to find out that the insurance company is unwilling to pay out on claims. If you do business with a storefront insurance agency, you know where to find someone if you need help and how to refer any claims. A storefront business operating with appropriate state licensing is assured to be able to help you with claims in your time of need.For more information, contact a service like United Counties Insurance Group.