If you have gone without insurance for a while, you might wonder what the process will be like for getting insurance. It really depends on whether you were caught without auto insurance, and the timeline of how long you've gone uninsured. Keep reading to get more details.

Were You Caught?

If you were caught driving without insurance, you were probably fined a significant amount. If an accident happened and you were at fault, you are probably even more aware of the financial repercussions of driving without auto insurance. Minor collisions happen way more than you would think as a careful driver, and their costs can be unbelievable.

If you are issued a ticket for not having insurance, you may be asked to prove coverage. Unfortunately, you must prove coverage for the day the ticket was issued, so buying a policy now won't solve that issue; it will prevent you from having more financial damages down the road.

You may have also been issued an SR-22 requirement, which means that you need to submit proof of coverage to your state DMV, usually for the period of 3 years. This won't affect your rates in and of itself; but the SR-22 certificate will cost you some money to get from your insurer.

How Long Have You Been Uninsured?

When you apply for insurance rate quotes, they are going to ask you how long it has been since you last had insurance. If you have had a lapse in insurance, it can prompt insurers to look into your background and see if you have owned any vehicles during that time. Insurers don't like to take the risk of insuring people who have gone without auto insurance; it can make them believe you are a riskier driver. Shopping around for good rates is really the best way to handle that issue.

Were You Ever Insured with the Same Vehicle?

If you have had the same vehicle for a long time, and you were insured but then had a lapse, you might want to be ready to show why you had a lapse in insurance. Was someone else insured with the same vehicle? Was it garaged and never used during that time? Were you out of the country, or was your license suspended? All in all, just be truthful with the insurance company, and they will help you find the best rates for SR-22 insurance or whatever you need to get back on the road, safely and legally.

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