Some home improvement projects can lead to high homeowners insurance rates, while others can help you enjoy reduced premiums. Here are some of the improvements you should consider if you wish to lower your rates:

Weatherproof Your House Exterior

Weather-related damages are some of the most expensive damages that your house can face. Excessive rain, for example, can soak through your external wall and weaken it. Weatherproofing the basement exterior will also protect it from flooding-related damages, including mold issues. Don't stop there; trim the trees around your house and remove the weak ones so that they don't damage the house in case they fall during storms.

Replace Outdated Electrical Systems

Outdated electrical wiring is a danger to your house for two main reasons. First, an electrical fault can cause an electrical short circuit, which may result in an electrical fire that may burn down your house. Secondly, an electrical fault may also fry your electrical appliances and electronics, causing a serious financial loss.

Replace an Outdated Roof

Your home insurance company isn't likely to compensate you for a roof-related damage if your roof is old or worn out; it may view the damage as a maintenance-related one. This makes sense because if your roof is old and weak, it is likely to be damaged by a not-so-serious storm that strong roofs can easily withstand. Therefore, replacing an old and weak roof system may earn you positive points from the insurance company and lead to lower premiums.

Install Relevant Sensors for Accidents

There are lots of home sensors that can alert you to emerging home accidents and allow you to mitigate them before they can blow up into expensive damages. There are water leak sensors and gas detectors, for example. Install the relevant ones in your house, and your home insurance company is likely to reward you with reasonable home insurance rates.

Install a Security System

Home insurance is not just for covering damage-related risks; it also protects you from theft-related losses. Installing a state-of-the-art security system is one of the best ways of preventing home burglaries, and home insurance companies agree. Install such a system (confirm that your chosen technology or brand is approved by your insurer first), and you may score some discounts with your insurer.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you prevent your rates from going through the ceiling. Talk to your insurance agent or homeowners insurance carrier or check out websites like for more information on what you can do to keep your rates reasonable.