Finding out that you now need SR-22 insurance coverage is probably not the news you wanted to receive, but it is better than some of the alternative consequences you could have faced. If you need SR-22 insurance but do not understand a lot about it, here are several questions you may want to ask.

What is it, and why is it required?

SR-22 is a form of car insurance used for high-risk drivers. It is something that a person would need after being charged with a DUI, or something similar, but it can also be required when a person is caught driving without insurance. People with too many tickets on their records might also need it.

When you have SR-22, the insurance company keeps in contact with the DMV, letting them know you have it and letting them know if your policy gets canceled for non-payment. By requiring this, it holds you more accountable to keep insurance coverage, and there are consequences of not getting it if you need it.

Do you need it if you do not own a car?

If you currently do not have your own car but are told you need SR-22 insurance, you should still purchase a policy, even though you would not have a car to insure. The type of policy you would need would be an SR-22 non-owner auto insurance policy. This would offer protection for you if you borrowed a car, and it would also fulfill the requirement you have for getting SR-22 insurance coverage. Non-owner policies are typically less expensive than policies that cover a car, so you might not have to spend a lot to get this type of coverage.

How long will you need it?

The answer to this question varies; however, most people need SR-22 coverage for three years. The key point to know in this is that whatever the length of time is for the requirement, you must keep the coverage for that length of time, and it must be consecutive. In other words, you cannot experience any lapses in coverage, because if you do, your length of time requirement starts all over again when you purchase a new SR-22 insurance policy.

These are three good questions to ask if you are told that you must get SR-22 insurance. If you would like answers to these questions or a quote for coverage, contact an insurance agent today. For more information, visit sites like