The winter is a time when the temperature drops and snow may fall from the sky. If you have a car that you prefer to not drive during this time, you could always store the car away. If you do this, you might be wondering how to make sure the car is fully protected during this time while paying less for your auto insurance, because you will not be driving it. Well, here are a few things you should know if you are in this situation.

Owing money on the car will affect your options

First things first, if you owe money on the car you are storing, you might have no options with changing your insurance plan. In this case, you would probably already have both collision and comprehensive coverages on the car, and therefore, the car will be fully insured and protected against perils that could occur. The one thing to know is that you cannot remove these coverage types if you have a loan. Your lender will simply not allow you to do this. You still have the right to store the car for the winter, but you probably will not be able to save money on your auto insurance in this situation.

Keeping comprehensive coverage might be all you need

If you do not owe money on the vehicle, then you will have the right and ability to change the coverage types you carry on the vehicle. The most important type of coverage to keep during this time is comprehensive coverage. This coverage would protect your car if damage occurred to it while you were storing it. This would include damage from vandalism or from a storm of some kind. This coverage is really all you need if you are not going to drive the car during this time.

Checking on the car is important

The other thing to realize is that insurance will protect your car if problems occur, but you should also do all that you can to prevent problems from occurring. This means that you should check your car often and start it. You should make sure you take steps to keep mice out of the building your car is in, too, as mice can destroy things in cars.

Keeping comprehensive insurance on a car you are storing for the winter offers the insurance protection you need, but it is also important to protect the car against other threats. If you would like to learn more about covering a car that is in storage, talk to an insurance agency today.

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