When you want to purchase an auto insurance, you can work alone or hire an agent. The expert can offer you crucial tips to maneuver the purchasing process. There are two types of car coverage agents: captive and independent. Each of the professionals comes with unique specifications. Here are the differences between captive and independent car insurance agents.

Captive Agents

Typically, captive auto insurance agents work for one company or carrier. Lucrative organizations employ such experts to work for them. Therefore, a captive agent will sell you a specific company's policies. For instance, if you have decided to settle for a certain organization, the professional will offer you a quote.

Here are the pros of a captive agent:

  • The agent knows all the details about a particular policy.
  • The expert will inform you about bundled policies for discounts.
  • You're able to make a quick purchase since you are dealing with one company.

The only downside with captive agents is that you won't have various insurers to choose from. The specialist has the company's interests at heart and not yours.

Independent Agents

As the name implies, independent agents don't work for a single company. Instead, they sell car insurance policies from arrays of companies. Thus, you will have multiple quotes to pick from when you hire an independent agent. You can shop around and find policies that meet your needs and budget. The highlight is that the expert researches online and shows you affordable rates.

From there, you can go through the deductibles, limits, and premiums that align with your goals. Here are the advantages of an independent agent:

  • Personalized coverage
  • Better communication
  • Flexible options to consider
  • Cost-saving since you can settle for affordable prices

Usually, independent agents earn a commission when they sell a company's policies. Therefore, the professional might offer you a quote to get the money. However, you can work with more than one agent for unbiased reviews.

Which Is Better Than the Other?

Independent agents bring variety when you need to shop around. On the other hand, captive agents offer a specific policy once you make up your mind. Thus, your choice will depend on your needs and budget. You should consider different quotes from multiple insurance carriers. This information will help you find affordable prices for your auto insurance.

If you have purchased insurance before from a certain company, you can work with a captive agent. The expert can offer discounted costs when you bundle your policies. Plus, you can close the deal quickly if you need car insurance within a short time.

For more information, contact an insurance agency.