If you are preparing to purchase car insurance, you could be wondering what your insurance rates are going to be like. There are many things that impact your car insurance rates. All of the following things can impact how much you will have to pay for your coverage, for example.

Your Driving Experience and History

First of all, your driving experience will impact your car insurance rates. If you haven't had your driver's license for very long, then your rates might go up because of your inexperience. Your driving history impacts your costs too. If you have gotten a lot of speeding tickets or other citations, or if you've been involved in multiple vehicle accidents, you can expect your driving history to drive up the cost of your car insurance.

Additionally, be aware that if you're listing other people on your car insurance policy—such as if you're listing your spouse and your teenage children—that their driving experience and driving history will also impact your car insurance rates.

The Vehicles You Have Listed on Your Policy

The vehicles that you have listed on your policy can impact your car insurance rates too. If you choose to have full coverage insurance on your vehicle, then the value of that vehicle will impact your policy rates. For example, if you have a brand new luxury car, it's probably going to cost more to insure it than if you had an older economy car. In fact, this might be something you will want to be mindful of when you're shopping for a car if you happen to be in the market for one.

What You Use Your Vehicles For

Your car insurance agent will probably ask you what you will be using your vehicle for and approximately how many miles you drive per month or year. If you don't drive a lot—such as if you're retired and only use your vehicle for light errands—then your insurance rates probably will not be as high as for someone who uses their vehicle for a long commute each day. If you use your vehicle for commercial purposes, you should let your insurance company know about this to help ensure that you have appropriate coverage. Also, be aware that you might be charged higher insurance premiums if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes, such as ridesharing or delivering pizzas.

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