There are some bills that must be paid each month for the foreseeable future. One of those expenses is automobile insurance. Some people choose to pay for their insurance policy up to six months upfront, while others would rather make the bill more manageable by paying on a monthly basis. If your birthday is coming up and you are thinking about a gift that can provide long-term benefits, you should ask an elder to add you to their car insurance policy. Here are some ways that a year on another person's insurance policy can do for you. 

You can save the extra monthly cash

Instead of getting one gift for your birthday, you can have the value of well over one thousand dollars by asking to be added to a family member or friend's auto insurance policy. Since you will no longer need to pay out the monthly cost of insurance, you can save money, apply more money to debt, or even put more money towards your vehicle to pay it off more quickly. Decreasing monthly expenses feels like getting an extra gift each month in cash. 

The personal policy price can lower long-term

Having another person who is older and more responsible be the holder of your insurance policy is a surefire way to have lower insurance costs. Older individuals who are stable and have had no accidents or tickets on their driving record tend to get good auto insurance rates. Being added to the policy of insurance that is cheaper also gives you a chance to get a year older, which can decrease your personal auto insurance when you take over a policy for yourself. If you have any tickets or accidents on your record, these also get 12 months to age and possibly fall off of your record. 

Family and friends will give you practical gifts from now on

If you ask for something unusual yet practical like being added to someone's insurance policy for a year, your family and friends may be more likely to consider giving you practical gifts or pay bills for you from now on. Even when you find yourself in a financially prosperous situation in the future, friends may still remember to do this favor for you. A gift that takes care of a mandatory bill or provides you with a need is a gift that you will appreciate at any age.