Have you been ordered to get SR22 insurance after a serious driving offense, such as a DUI? If so, you may be wondering what can happen if you just ignore the order and drive without getting this additional form of insurance. Here are some of the consequences you can expect. 

You'll Be Arrested

If you are pulled over by the police and they discover that you do not have the required SR22 insurance that has been ordered by the court, it is very likely that you will be arrested and taken to jail. You are essentially driving without insurance after being found guilty of a major offense, and you will be viewed as a danger on the road because of it.

You'll Pay A Ton of Fees

There are a lot of fees that you'll end up paying as a result of getting caught without SR22 insurance. Your car will likely be impounded as a result of your moving violation while not having SR22 insurance. You'll end up having to a pay a lot of money to get your car out of the impound lot, which will defeat any cost savings that you were hoping to see by not paying for SR22 insurance. You'll then need to have your driver's license reinstated, which will not come cheap. If you need to appear in court due to your arrest, there will also be court fees associated with that. Even having your car towed to an impound lot will have a fee associated with the towing company that must be paid. All of these costs will add up and hurt you financially in the end.

Your Insurance Rates Will Go Up

Your insurance was already going to go up as a result of a serious driving offense, but you can expect it to go up even more for not getting SR22 insurance. You'll be seen as a high risk by insurance companies, so you'll really need to shop around to find a rate that is competitive. It won't be until many years of perfect driving that your rates will start to decrease again.

It's not worth dealing with all of this hassle when the solution is to get the necessary insurance to get you back on the road. Work with a local insurance provider that can help you with SR22 filing. They'll help walk you through the entire process and let you know how it works as a driver that needs it for the first time.